Inspired by the classic.

  • 3.7L SFF case for Mini ITX
  • Up to 51mm CPU heatsink clearance
  • Up to 175mm Dual Slot LP GPU [RTX A2000]
  • Real hardwood panel with optional USB-C
  • Choice of two different rear I/O panel options to optimize your build
  • Replicates the classic J-HACK PURE layout
  • Exclusive dual 120mm “Infinity Lid” option for APU builds
  • Support HDplex 250w GAN and/or DC-ATX (“Pico”) Plug-in boards
  • Supports 60mm fans in four different locations and GPU deshroud
  • HTPC (horizontal) layout supported with alternate round feet style

Free Shipping.  ETA 8/20/23

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